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Berteig Consulting Agile Clinic

Berteig Consulting has recently launched the Agile Clinic (TM) for companies to diagnose their Agile implementation and provide customized remedies. The goals of the one day clinic are to help organizations:

  • fine tune its agile practices and become effective and more efficient
  • become hyper-effective by overcoming some of your hardest challenges
  • determine which agile practices will help you the most
  • find existing barriers in the current situation, offer solutions for your specific needs
  • examine your teams, your processes and your organization to find opportunities for improvement

This is an interesting approach as it leverages the expertise of external independent agile gurus without the expense of an agile coaching engagement. Companies could schedule periodic clinics and would provide regular “agile checkups” in a cost-effective way.

Of course, the challenge here will be for the clinic coaches to garner sufficient context prior to the clinics to make sure that their diagnoses and remedies are tuned to the situation at hand. The model includes some case analysis prior to the clinic so the success will in part depend on how well the situation is communicated and appreciated by the coaches prior to the clinic.

I am very interested to see if this model works both from a client perspective and from a coaches perspective.