Adopting or Adapting Agility

I often come across people who wonder how they can adopt agile practices. This is a fair question and I often spend some time explaining that agility is not really an important goal. Agility is just a means to an end and that end is to deliver better business value. I like this goal because it is can never be fully realized – there are always ways to get better.

I recently listened to a webinar by ThoughtWorks on agile readiness assessment and I am reading Agile Adoption Patterns: A Roadmxap to Organizational Success, by Amr Elssamadisy, © 2009 Pearson Education Inc.. Both of these are excellent resources and I decided to write a white paper that combines agile assessment with adoption and adaption. I included adaption because some agile teams reach a plateau and need an approach that pushes them through to the next level.

Adopting or adapting agile practices requires a strategy that aligns your team’s agile goals with your overall business goals.

Please feel free to download the white paper and let me know what you think!